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APrintaPro - PrintaKi

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ALL THE RIGHT TOOLS IN A BOX! 3D printing gives a maker a lot of freedom. Experiment and make it your own. To have the tools you need for your perfect 3D print can sometimes be a challenge. This set of tools will give you the best chance create awsome prints and take care of your printer! BE PREPARED Sometimes 3D printer are challenging. We had this experience and we wanted to change it. Printakit is a 37pc complete set of tools that supports 3D printing with a complete range of products. A scraper and a spatula to remove prints with ease, remove strings and oozing with the tweezers and precision knife. EXPECT MORE We have partnered with experienced manufacturers to deliver high quality tools. PrintaKit includes all the necessary tools to prepare, print and finish your print.   SO...WHAT DO YOU GET? CALIBRATION CARD Make sure that you calibrate your Printbed once every five prints. Use the provided cards for the correct distance between the Nozzle and the Printbed. By follow the manual provided with your 3D printer. PrintaFix Basic Ever had problems with a 3D print not sticking to the printbed or warping? PrintaFix Basic is the solution you need. It is an easy to apply solution that prevents 3D prints from warping. SCRAPER After your print has finished take the printbed out of the 3D printer and place it on a stable surface. Hold the printbed tight with one hand (use the gloves for extra grip) and align the scraper as flat as possible to the printbed with your free hand. Then slowly and carefully push the scraper between the printbed and the 3D print. Depending on the size and shape of your print you will need to repeat the process at different positions or use the spatula to help. Be very gentle to not break your print or the blade. SPATULA If you can’t release the 3D print just by using the scraper, you can also use the spatula. Like the scraper it is intended to release large 3D prints. Raise the print a bit with the scraper, then carefully insert the Spatula. With a bit of pressure and jiggling you should be able to release more of the 3D print. Repeat on different sides until the 3D print comes off in one piece. LONG NOSE PLIER 3D prints with overhanging structures require support structures to be printed successfully. After finishing the print use the long nose plier to easily remove these structures. SIDE CUTTER This is a multipurpose tool which you can use to cut small structures and support you don’t need. You can also use it to cut filament to a flat end for easier inserting into the extruder. PRECISION KNIVE The knife is suitable for fine grinding. This allows you to eliminate small errors or residuals very precisely. TWEEZERS To remove stringing, oozing, whiskers or hairy prints the tweezer is the perfect solution. CLEANING NEEDLES Heat the nozzle and unload the filament. Insert the needle around 1 to 3cm (depending on your hot end) into the hot nozzle. Pull the needle out and repeat the process. L-WRENCH & ALLEN KEYS These tools are primarily for the 3D printer. To change the nozzle use the L-wrench (it will fit all standard nozzles). The allen key set can be used to dissemble or tighten the screws on your extruder or other parts of the 3D printer.  
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