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PrimaCreator P320

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We are proud to present the Prima Creator P320 – a 3D printer created and manufactured in Europe. This 3D printer allows production of professional models that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. It is a device designed for a variety of users: from professional planning and design companies to research centers to home users. What makes it unique is SYNE Air filtration, but also its printout stability and high operating repeatability. P320 users can create a broad range of models, prototypes and everyday objects. With the P320 we have concentrated our efforts on the daily use and not something you have to struggle with just to make it print. It should be fun, easy and safe to print! Pre-assembled The P120 comes pre-assembled so that you can start printing right out of the box. The printer’s chassis is made of high quality wood based material, which makes it remarkably light: it weighs only 11 kilos. This material also makes sure that the P320 has a stable platform to work from. Easily Detachable Build Platform At the end of the printing process, the user can easily take out the build platform with a just made 3D print. It is the most convenient way to detach the object after the printing process.Magnetic build platform holders guarantee stability and convenience in interactive attaching and detaching of the build plate. SYNE means healthy 3D printing SYNE is a breakthrough on the 3D printing market. It is air filtration system based on the process of photocatalysis. The active air filtration unit installed inside the printer neutralizes all the invisible hazardous compounds, fumes and even smells appearing during the 3D printing process. Easy to use A clear and easy to navigate display is placed in the front so you can monitor your work and have quick access to all settings. Design Closed and transparent construction means safety. Hot or moving components are not accessible during the 3D printing process while keeping full visibility of the printer making the 3D object layer by layer. Both features are particularly appreciated within the education industry. Assisted Calibration The idea behind the Assisted Calibration System is making ‘the tough part’ quick and easy while keeping the printer’s construction as simple as possible. From the user perspective, setting up the printer doesn’t require any technical command and is easy to operate thanks to clear step-by-step instructions. It takes less than 2 minutes to fully calibrate the printer and make it ready to go! Quick-change Tool Head The extruder elements require occasional cleaning.  Hot-end and nozzle are now prepared for quick maintenance detachment or replacement. Build volume The P320 has a print volume of 150x240x250 mm. This size makes it a perfect printer for creating a broad range of models, prototypes and everyday objects Build surface The P320 is equipped with a heated build plate. Thanks to the heated plate you can use a wider range of filaments and not risk that the print loses adhesion. Open solution P320 have an open solution that means that you can use almost any filament you want, PLA, ABS (small prints), ABS+, PETG, HIPS and semi flexible filaments.  P320 uses the common size of 1.75 mm filament that you can find almost everywhere, but Prima SELECT and Value are tested and works perfect with this printer. Software P320 is easy to use thanks to the well-known Cura slicer that allows you to fine tune all your settings such as layer high, speed, temperature. Instructions are included so you quickly can get the hang of it and produce stunning prints. It allows you to print utility forms designed with software including CAD, Blender, Google Sketchup, 3D Studio, Tinkercad and many others.   MAIN FEATURES: Ready to use, no assembly Closed chamber SYNE Air filtration Made in Europe Heated build plate Quick change tool head Great value Open filament solution Software included Compatible with Windows and Mac OS Pre-leveled build plate Easy to use display Compact design Light weight Silent operation.    Download user manual.  
14950 kr