Köp XYZprinting, da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1

XYZprinting, da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1

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The da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1 is our first 3D printer that lets you scan*, print and engrave all in one place! Our most multi-functional printer is suited to hobbyists, designers and small businesses looking to create impressive, personalised prints. * Laser engraver is an optional add-on not included. Make everyday objects extraordinary Our rapid, integrated 3D scanner only takes a few minutes to scan your object to industrial-grade resolution. The scanner will recreate your objects digitally, which you can either print as it is or even adapt the scanned file in post-production software to add your own special features. Create professional-grade prints The 3-in-1 is even easier to use than its older brothers, so achieving professional prints is simpler than ever. The aluminium print bed spreads heat evenly to decrease your chance of warpage. Our printer also features a low maintenance extruder design and improved calibration, both of which improve print quality. You asked and we listened! The 3in-1 works with non-proprietary filaments, so you can print in any PLA or ABS thermoplastic of your choice. Personalise your prints or anything else! You can switch your extruder to upgrade to an optional laser engraver, which lets you personalise your items. Engrave a design in wood, leather, cardboard and many more materials.
8990 kr