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Welcome to the fume free, adjustments free and hassle free new world of 3D Printing. - Focus on your ideas instead of on your printer. Fume Free Up until now 3D printers have been quite unpleasant devices to have in the home, office or workspace due to the strong smell of heated plastic. The ZYYX+ 3D Printer tackles this problem by enclosing the print space and creating a slight pressure difference with the help of a low speed fan, with the outgoing air passing through an active carbon filter to remove the plastic smell. ZYYX+ Filament Monitor have you ever experienced a run out of filament on a large print or that the filament got tangled? The new ZYYX+ not only detects it, it pauses the print so you can fix the problem and resume printing. This feature is an eco friendly function both in that you can use up all of your filament without worrying about a failed print, and also in that you no longer have to throw away the half finished print if you get a tangle or a defect in your filament supply. Failed Print Detector all experienced user of 3d printers know that a print sometimes goes wrong. A print can deform due to missing supports or too complex model shape, or if there is a loose piece in the print area. The new ZYYX+ monitors the print, if something goes wrong it pauses the print automatically so you can identify the problem and in some cases even resume printing. Automatic surface-compensating build plate system The ZYYX+ 3D Printer eliminates the need for tedious adjustments of the mechanics before every print, instead the print head includes a probe that probes the build plate at three positions before every print and electronically adjust the print plane to keep your models safely on the plate. The printer comes pre-leveled and precalibrated to ensure you get a great start to your printing experience. Professional Grade Print Software The ZYYX +3D printer comes with the Simplify3D Integrated 3D Printing Software, an all-in-one software suite with fully customized profiles for the ZYYX 3D printer and 3D Prima filaments. Enclosed for print stability In addition to keeping your air fume free the enclosed printing space also keeps the print enviroment draught free and maintains a stable temperature in the build chamber. This will keep your prints in gol
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